12 - 15 January, 2001 - Roadtrip to the beach
I mostly just want to stay home when I'm not at work. Every once in a while Beckie insists we go somewhere away from our house for family fun. This weekend she booked us into a motel room at Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, she booked us into a motel that was undergoing major construction and was about ten years overdue for remodeling. Stay away from the Sand Dunes. On Saturday, she agreed that the motel sucked and moved us down the street to a pretty nice place. The rooms were good and they even had shuffleboard.

The motel had an indoor pool and a lazy river which was pretty fun. They had big innertubes and you could just lie there and let the current move you around. Too bad all those other people had to show up and overcrowd the lazy river which turned into the unsupervised, badly-behaved little kids who were raised by wolves river. We went shopping and I got a hula doll and one those squeezy alien guys whose eyes pop out and an SB-2 yoyo. Jack and Tripp got boxing nuns and alien mucous. Tripp shot most of these photos.

Here is a shot of the construction outside our first motel room. It was loud and generally unpleasant. The desk clerk was rude when I showed up after Beckie had already checked in. They didn't want to give me a parking pass.
Another construction shot.
One more construction shot.
Jack playing gameboy at the Sand Dunes.
Our little kitchen at the Sand Dunes.
We ate lunch at the River City Cafe. It is good food and you can throw peanut shells on the floor.
Tripp really enjoyed his chili cheeseburger but Jack was not impressed with the chicken planks or cheese sticks.
They also have a big hippo head on the wall.