04 February, 2001 - the florence mall
Tripp had to go before church council tonight and be quizzed on his Lutheran Church knowledge so he can be confirmed. We had about an hour to kill so Beckie, Jack and I went to the Florence Mall. This used to be our big mall but now it's not much.

Peebles Department Store was having a big sale.
I tried on this sweater but it wasn't working for me. I bought another one instead.
Beckie found a new white turtleneck shirt.
Jack didn't buy anything.
Shopping always stresses Beckie a little.
Jack works hard to get the best photos. There was a cool ceramic pig on the floor. Jack wanted a photo.
Here's the pig.
I took this photo of me in a jewelry counter mirror.
This lady was working at one of the registers. She was chatting with...
... this lady.
When we left Peebles, Jack and I wanted to walk over to Books a Million. The Florence Mall isn't enclosed. This is a line of lights along one of the walkways.
There's a lot of stuff not allowed at this mall.
There's a fountain in the middle of the mall.
On this side of the mall there's the barber shop where I get my hair cut, an empty place where a video store used to be and Books a Million.
This is a picture Jack took of me taking....
... this picture of Mailboxes, Etc..
When we got to BAM, Jack ran into a friend from school.
This is a book I've been looking at but am too cheap to buy.
Some BAM employees and their friends ignoring customers.
We ran into this guy from our church. He wanted to borrow a pencil. I didn't have one.
This lady was enjoying an overpriced coffee-ish beverage.
This old guy couldn't seem to find anything he liked.