13 February, 2001 - assorted photos
We went shopping at Big Lots and Save-A-Lot. These are strange super discount stores. Save-A-Lot is a grocery store full of weird generic food items. Big Lots has lots of stuff that nobody else could sell so they got it really cheap.

Beckie had fun on our shopping trip. She did say that she feels a little creepy shopping at the Save-A-Lot.
Maybe this is one of the reasons the store makes her feel creepy - generic brand pickle loaf.
They also sell toys that were left over from cartoon shows that were never very popular and that most people never heard of.
They did have a good deal on Silly Putty. Tripp bought some.
Yard of Beef makes another appearance. This is not actually a yard long. The one at Sam's Club was pretty close to actually being the full advertised length.
Jack and I went out to breakfast Saturday. Hash round spectacles at Hardee's.
We found this pokemon water bottle at Big Lots. We didn't get it.
They also had pokemon pop tarts. Jack likes pokemon so I took these pics for him.
I wonder if "dogs love um"? They looked pretty skunky and I didn't want to feed them to the Otterdog so we may never know.
Tripp didn't really want his picture taken but he let me take it anyway.
We went to Lowe's and Jack tested out this desk chair. Our computer chair is pretty shot but Jack didn't like this one so we didn't get it.
Jack's friend Casey came over and visited Monday. They were out of school that day.
Casey's little sister Kayla also came over Monday. She took my picture when I came home for lunch.