26 February, 2001 - it's all about tripp
This was a big weekend for Tripp. His team won the Academic Challenge Team Regional Championship on Saturday. He played every single round and he was a question-answering machine. His team destroyed all challengers, including the fearsome team from Hartsville. Some of the parents of kids on our team got a little put out since the same four kids (including Tripp) played almost the entire time. Our coach is not from the "let's have fun and make sure everybody gets a chance to play" school of coaching. She's more the "let's put the smartest, most aggressive kids who take no prisoners in the game and leave them there until all the other teams beg for mercy" type of coach. Her strategy worked.
Tripp was confirmed on Sunday. He is very proud to be a real member of the church now. He can be a crucifer and vote and everything.

Here are our kids in the final match against Hartsville. Tripp tried to get the lucky red buzzer lights table but the kids from Hartsville muscled him out. Some of the parents were worried because red buzzer lights are lucky for us but I told them that it wouldn't matter what color our lights were. We were an unstoppable machine and we would win even if our lights were plaid.
This is Tripp's friend, Travis. He's a nice kid and seems very smart but he just doesn't have the killer instinct needed to be a truly great ACT player. He was very taken with my Gameboy Light.
This is the coach from the Hartsville team. She's not very pleasant. Our coach is much more friendly plus she's way more attractive.
Our team posing for victory photos.
After confirmation we took Tripp and assorted relatives out to lunch. Tripp got mostly religious-type presents but my parents came through with some cash.
Beckie's mom and dad came. I think the service confused them. Lutherans stand up, sit down and kneel a lot. I don't think Baptists do that stuff.
Jack got the same thing he always gets at Redbone - Mexican Pizza Dip.
This is Tripp's sponsor - James Trussell. He is a nice man and we've known him for a long time.
Tripp did some experimental photo work while we ate. This is me with a napkin over half my face - negatized.
More experimental stuff.