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it's a spacer 04 March, 2001
Jack went to a skating party Friday night so Beckie, Tripp and I drove around looking for something to do. We stopped by Pet Lover's to pick up some rat food. There's this new store next door to Pet Lover's that has really ugly ceramic stuff in the window so we hadn't gone in there. But since we had nowhere to go, we decided to take a look. Once you get past the garbage in the window, they have some pretty cool stuff inside. This place may be my new art dealer.
Tripp took all of these photos.
it's a spacer

OK, Tripp is a little fixated on dragons and this was a cool one. tripp is obsessed with dragons.
dragon again Let's do all the dragons first. This was an interesting dragon fountain that didn't have any water in it.
Another dragon. I think this was my favorite. another dragon
one more dragon Guess what this is.
For those of you who forgot to keep count, this is number 5. dragon #5
hissssssss A ceramic cobra.
Some sort of hideous fountain/waterfall thing. fountain #1
fountain #2 See previous description. A variation of the same design.
Jack loves pigs. This place had quite a selection. Most of them were pretty awful. This one was no exception. pigs galore
wee wee wee all the way home... We did not buy a pig for Jack.
A very nice chinese lion. the lion
buddha An interesting buddha statue. I'm thinking about buying this one.
This is one of those fountain things where the water comes up under the ball and spins it around. Very cool. buddha #2
buddhas again More buddhas.
Looks like a self-portrait. I found it on Tripp's camera when I got the other photos. my boy