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it's a spacer 10 March, 2001
Another set of assorteds. I'm getting ready to do a big photo page on our road trip to Charlotte and I was looking over the photos on our gb cameras. Here are a few strays that didn't make it anywhere else.
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Jack's Cub Scout Pack had their Blue and Gold Banquet not long ago. Here is Jack with several of his cub pals before the banquet. cub group
cub mommy This cub mommy sat with Beckie and me. I think she may know one or more of my brothers.
This sign has something to do with the Arrow of Light. arrow
bubby This is me talking with one of the scout leader guys.
This is Jack and Tripp's doctor. He's really a nice guy. I'm not sure what's up with this picture. the evil dr. f
beckie in thought What is Beckie thinking about? Something very deep, I bet.
Tripp is a pretty good sax player. saxman
fountain #2 Casey is one of Jack's best friends. He is not impressed with the gb camera.