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it's a spacer 10 March, 2001
Beckie decided that we needed out of town fun again. This time it was an overnight trip to Charlotte, NC. Now I guess if you're from New York or Los Angeles, Charlotte ain't much. But we're not from either of those places so Charlotte is a really big city to us. Besides all of the offices in downtown Charlotte, there's two things they've got plenty of - art and restaurants. I guess all the people who work in the offices need someplace to eat so that explains all the restaurants. But what is up with all the art? Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the art. Most of the art we see at home is stuck to our fridge with magnets but I swear you can't swing a dead cat without hitting some art in downtown Charlotte.
it's a spacer

Here's Beckie in front of a huge disk. It's art. disk of doom
a big mess Charlotte is like most big cities - there's always construction. This is not art.
With all the art they've got, they probably need lots of cops to keep an eye on it. This cop was on a bicycle. cop
sphere A small stone sculpture right in the middle of the plaza where you could trip over it.
Very interesting oversized cinder block sculpture. It had toys of various sorts embedded in it. the block
block again Another of those blocks full of toys.
This is an aquarium with birds in it. It was in one of the buildings we wandered through. They were very colorful, so they're sort of arty. boids
st pat A Saint Patrick statue in the window of a bar. Actually, it was supposed to be an Irish Pub-type bar.
A really big chair that must be art. Beckie decided not to sit in it. big-ass chair
el banco This is the entrance to the worldwide headquarters of Nations Bank or Bank of America or whatever they're called now. This is where we bank so you'd think I would remember the name of the place.
Jack and I in front of a big tile mosaic. mosaic
in the jungle, the mighty jungle These two lions guard the entrance to some important office building.
Tripp was fascinated by this crest which I told him was our family crest. He didn't believe me but he thought it was cool, anyway. crest
sticks A big sculpture made out of big sticks. It's supposed to be the Grand Tetons.
In the middle of one of the shopping areas was this grand piano. Thank goodness it was locked. Tripp wanted to entertain the shoppers with a few selections. piano
t+j Tripp and Jack posing in front of some building. I don't remember what building it was but you can bet there's art inside.
Even the barriers between the sidewalk and the constructions sites are decorated. barrier
15% I don't remember the name of the restaurant where we ate Friday night but this is the girl who brought us our food. I had the chicken fried steak.