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it's a spacer 07 April, 2001
Back to the flea market. We got some good loot: Tripp got a graphing calculator for $4, Jack got a pokemon stadium n64 game for $10 I got a Thomas Dolby (SCIENCE!!!) album and a U2 album for $1 each.
Tripp and Jack did not take any photos this time. These are all mine.
it's a spacer

The weather was excellent. This guy was lucky to be outside. vendor
sign, sign, everywhere a sign We did not buy this clever little sign.
This vendor was heavily backlit. The gb camera doesn't like backlit. vendor
vendor Another backlit vendor.
Backlit but very cool with shades and visor. shopper
at the core All these backlit shots and I never got any better at it.
Wandering flea people. flea people
pose-down Flea market posing.
Jack, Tripp and I. It must be a trick of the light/shadows because Tripp's shadow looks taller than mine. shadows
shopper I think this guy was buying something I wanted.
I'm pretty sure this guy was a burn-out from the 60's. hippy
relaxed vendor Like I said before, a really nice day.
Another shopper. stroller
where's the third one? Pigs who did not go home with us.
Something we've been meaning to do for a long time. Tripp and Jack posing with the giant golden mack truck hood ornament. woof