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it's a spacer 28 April, 2001
Arts Alive - Our local arts and crafts festival at the local college. Music, dance, art, etc. We took it all in and we share it with you.
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Beckie and Tripp got there before Jack and I. Here are some people hanging around after the performance Beckie watched. loiterers
ignoring the act The first performance we watched was some African Folklore people. Tripp was less than impressed.
There was a part of the act where they tried to get everybody to dance. I did not dance and neither should have any of the other caucasians. shouldn't have
the lil fan After the performance, the performers were happy to pose with Jack. They also told us that they would soon be performing at Epcot in Disneyworld and invited us to come see them there. They did not offer to pay for the trip. They liked the gameboy camera.
After the African act, we visited the Poet Tree. Get it? Sweeny way, Jack and I wrote a haiku to hang on the Poet Tree. Here it is:
five syllables first
seven syllables come next
haiku is easy
a poem as lovely as a tree
barney and barney Event Security was tight. Here are the guards dozing under their security tent.
There were hundreds of people just wandering around. I guess there was just so much to do, some people couldn't decide. wanderers
4sog While we were at the college, Tripp wanted to stop in at the library and do some research for a paper he's writing. We jumped on one of the computers and dialed up 4 shades of gray. Looks pretty good, huh?
We also pulled up The browsers were old versions of Netscape (4.74, I think). Jack's site is a newer design which relies on Cascading Style Sheets. does not like old browsers. Too bad for people who have old browsers.
no photos, please Jack didn't want to pose for any more photos.
Jack and I went to see a classical guitar trio. So did these people. dueling guitars
eerie glow They were very good. They didn't really glow like this.