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it's a spacer 28 April, 2001
Tonight Tripp and Jack learned how to fold the best paper airplane in the world!.
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Jack was excited about the project. little shooter
tiny mootsle Tripp had his game face on.
The instructions were clear at first. fold it
fold some more Fold this over that. Crease here...
Then things started to get complicated somewhere around steps 17 and 18. perplexed
potty break Otter needed to go so we took a break.
Things were not going well. Tensions ran high. tension
concentration Jack studies the instructions carefully.
While Tripp and Jack work on the paper airplanes, Beckie carefully edits Tripp's history class website project. the editor
final touches It ended up being a pretty good site. He built it using frames. I like frames, many people do not.
Once they got past the tricky steps, the rest was a breeze. almost done
all done Jack shows off the finished product. They really do fly pretty good.