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it's a spacer July 08, 2001
Finally, some new pics. These are some assorted pics that have accumulated on one of my cameras over the last couple of months. I'm working on getting back in the habit of taking pictures.
it's a spacer

A poster that we saw at the flea market for a month or two. I kept saying I was going to get it but it but I never did. Now it's gone. I never did get that whole performance art thing.
...very soon to come. This is "Jesus Lady". We used to see her every week at the flea market. Her appearances are now very rare. She wanders around and stops every once in a while to make her speech about the end of the world and Jesus coming back.
This is "Sleepy Lady". Actually, it's Beckie taking a nap. Jack took this picture. she looks like a little angel
the otterdog This is the Otterdog on Father's Day. His real father couldn't be here so he was a little depressed.
This is me on Father's Day. I got good presents so I wasn't depressed. the dad
lad and dad Jack and I doing a totem pole thing.
My nephew Clarke and his new computer. This is a very choice computer and obviously too much machine for him. compuboy
itchy cut I gave all of the boys buzz haircuts while we were at the beach for the 4th of July. I think Tripp's was a little itchy.
Another of my nephews, Jake. He's quite a little poser. y2jase