november 09, 2002

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As part of my recovery therapy (from Major Surgery), we made a trip out to the flea market yesterday. A carnival sideshow trailer seemed to have wandered away from the carnival and ended up at our flea market. It turned out to be great good luck for us since we finally got to see, in person, the evidence of the alien space craft crash at Roswell. We were even luckier that Tripp happened to have his gameboy and camera with him. We present for you his photographic evidence of our visit to this historical exhibit.

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The actual exhibit trailer itself rising up in grandeur to tower over all the flea market. the actual trailer
a small price to pay for the truth We got more than 50 cents worth of alien cover-up truth.
Not just one Space Creature, there were multiple Space Creatures here. Some were really small and contained in jars of murky liquid but they were there. space creature(S)
the all-seeing eye I'm still not sure who "WE" are but I feel better knowing that they are watching.
Here is the prize specimen of the exhibit. He (she?) was only about 3-4 feet tall and was remarkably well preserved. This was probably due to the high tech containment unit which held the specimen. Jack said that he thought the containment unit looked an awful lot like a big fish tank but that's probably just a coincidence. the alien
the lil' guy It's really hard to see in this photo so you'll just have to take our word for it but this is a smaller alien specimen which was partially melted in the crash.
This is an actual Roswell, New Mexico Police Department traffic cone which we're pretty sure was used to keep people away from the truth at the actual alien space craft crash site. KEEP AWAY (from the TRUTH)
the skull An alien skull left over from one of the many alien autopsies conducted at Area 51.
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