Jack starts off with a tasty sausage sandwich. Not as good as the sausage biscuit at the six pack cafe (no longer open).
This is is used book lady. She has a lot of books and a good selection.
This the knifan. Some Japanese(Chinese)guy had this.We thought it looked cool so we took a picture of it.
These are some old people that were ceramics. A guy that sold fake flowers. I thought they looked kinda funny so i took a picture.
This is yoyo guy. This is where i bought my first yoyo and he got my dad back into the yoyo craze.
This was my favorite dog at the fleamarket. I liked the way he was looking at me.
This guy sells toys and yoyos. And he sells pokemon cards.
This is a freaky little doll. In the end we bought her (or him). I don't know what mom will think.
These are some of the flea people. I don't know why but my dad took a picture of them.
I couldn't get a really good picture of the roosters. This was the best (and only) rooster picture. But i still think it's a good picture.