Peking (peeking) Man. This is a guy at little caesar's. He looked around the corner and gave me thumbs up. I'm going to develop a thumbs up photo series.
I got this shot of big belly man at the grocery store.
This photo is titled "pretty woman". I got her at little caesar's, too. I'm not sure what she got on her pizza. We got pepperoni.
This is eb guy. He is always very helpful. He is a little bitter about the neo geo pocket color being pulled from the american market. Don't fret eb guy, the wonder swan is on the way.
You can get yard-o-beef at sam's club.
This is me playing with the trick lenses. You should try it. It's fun.
Here's me. Sticking out my tongue. How do I look?
Here's my dog sticking out his tonuge. Who looks better?

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Who looks better sticking out his tongue?

Jack looks better!
Otter the dog looks better!

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