This is my dog. Tripp named him otter - because of something he read about otters and their tails. He is a boykador spantreiver.
I like to cook out on my grill. It's an old charcoal burner. My wife and kids get me a new one every 3 or 4 years for Father's Day when my old one rusts out (I leave it outside in the rain). They have offered to buy me a gas grill but I still like the charcoal model.
I almost bought this lacy body stocking thing for Beckie. It's probably better that I left it on the table where I found it.
We like to cook outside on the grill. It's a charcoal burner. I may get a gas one someday but for now I like the old way.
A small part of my yoyo collection. I have a couple hundred of them.
This is a very cool old apple computer. We came very close to buying this and an old tandy computer for $15. It's probably another good idea that I left this on the table where I found it.
This is me. I think the gbc's lack of resoultion and limited range of gray shades really flatters me.

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