august 03-05, 2001

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Time for another road trip. This time we went to Clemson University. Beckie and I both graduated from Clemson. We stayed at a really nice place located very near campus. It is located in the middle of the Walker Course - Home of the Tiger Golf Team. We didn't get to play but it is a choice course.

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We stayed at the Martin Inn. A little pricey but really deluxe. the inn
the inn again. Here's the Inn.
Guess which room we stayed in. It was a suite and it was (I can't stop myself) sweet. 4th floor, golf course view
no smoking... anywhere I think all the rooms are no smoking. I had to go outside if I wanted to smoke. I smoked a lot less this weekend.
Tripp settled right in. Right in front of the TV. boob tube
high dollar cat They had these stuffed tigers in the room. They cost about $30 so we decided not to get one.
We had room service Saturday night. Here's what was left. leftovers
compliments of the house There was a complimentary continental breakfast. We had some Sunday morning.
Beckie enjoyed her pastries on the patio. a muffin, a donut and thou
on the patio As a matter of fact, we all enjoyed our pastries on the patio. We had to move to a different table since our first choice was already claimed by protective wasps.
They had a really nice tiger in the lobby. grrrrrrrr
wsbf I never really listened to the campus radio station when I was in school.
Tripp and me in one of the many decorative mirrors in the conference center. does this mirror make me look fat?
breakout room? The door was locked so we couldn't see what one of these looks like.
It was a really nice grand piano. they need some coasters
locked Tripp really wanted to entertain us with a few selections. Another locked piano.
We studied this map and took this picture just in case of fire or whatnot. escape to safety
smile Beckie made the boys pose for a photo in front of this wall tiger.
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