august 03-05, 2001

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Clemson, SC is a college town. There is the university and then there are restaurants, bars, banks and Clemson stuff (t-shirts, caps, bumper stickers, etc.) shops. The town exisits mainly to support the university and it's students, faculty, staff and football fans.

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Beckie, Tripp and Jack in front of a statue. I forgot what the statue is about. Something military, I think. military art
buffalo gal Does Doc Watson really have a buffalo named Donna in his act?
Clemson was originally a military college. This statue is of one of the cadets. Jack is neither a statue nor a cadet. hup two three four
all the world's a stage This is the Clemson amphitheater. We went to a few pep rallies here when we were in school. The president of Clemson once swallowed live goldfish on that stage. For Clemson students, that's entertainment!
Here is Jack standing in the entrance to the amphitheater stage. There's some theatrical saying above the entrance. class of ??
the cans The sign next to the entrance of the dorms where I lived for a semester. They were built as temporary dorms in the 60's. Students call them the Tin Cans. Clemson is finally getting around to building permanent dorms and tearing these dorms down.
The Dillard Building houses the Clemson U laundry. There are lots of washers and dryers. When I was here about half of them were always broken. Luckily, I could usually con Beckie into washing my stuff for me. wash day
fountains Here's the reflecting pool which is in front of the library. This manmade body of water was a frequent target for various attacks. Students especially enjoyed dumping assorted soaps in here so it would foam up. A bulldozer was once driven in here. I'm pretty sure that expulsions resulted.
Welcome to Death Valley. death valley
the rock In the background is the football field. That thing in the foreground on top of the pedestal, under the plexiglass is "Howard's Rock".
Beckie and Jack in front of the Tiger Cub Club Wall of Fame. Clemson likes to get them used to donating money to athletics early in life. cubbies
sanders hall Sanders Hall - where Beckie lived during her stay at Clemson.
There's her room - third floor, third room from the left. the room
the paw We also visited the library. In the lobby, there are display cases full of historical Clemson stuff. This is the Clemson Tiger's paw. Not an actual live tiger, the mascot guy in the furry suit.
This really snappy jacket was also on display. I really, really want it. i want it
in case of emergency Do you think this actually ever happened? I guess so, or they wouldn't have put up the sign.
Here is the window of my other dorm room. After I moved out of the cans, I moved into the frat dorm. These are the old cadet barracks. The rooms are quite small but the building is brick as opposed to aluminum. frat boyz
academia This is the building where Beckie and I had most of our classes. It is the building furthest from the dorm I lived in.
Not sure what it's purpose is, but it is a cool little building. what is it?
help! They have these emergency telephones all over campus. Jack and I wanted to check the campus police's response time but Beckie had the car keys and threatened to leave us.
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