august 03-05, 2001

After wandering around the main campus area, we took in some of the outlying sights.
it's a spacer

We visited the geology museum. This guy had something to do with it but I forget exactly what. he probably gave lots of money
a really big sea snail? Some sort of fossilized sea creature of some sort.
This is a bald eagle made out of rocks and/or minerals. our national bird
little shooter Here's Jack peeking into one of the display cases. Not sure what he's looking at.
Beckie studies a display specimen while Jack poses. bec & jack
tripp Tripp looking grim and serious.
More of those fossilized whatnots. whatever
drill We figure that this must have been some sort of primitive rock drill.
Jack bought something from the gift shop. This lady sold it to him. y2jase
about $300 per square foot Up the hill form the geology museum was this house. It was built by a famous architect specifically to be featured in Southern Living magazine. It is now a sort of visitor center/nature center.
This girl greeted us at the house and made her little speech. welcome
looks a little like one of Beckie's relatives Folk art pottery.
This animatronic raccoon sat on the mantle in one of the rooms. He freaked us all out for a second. He was remarkably lifelike and he told stories and the boys were quite taken with him. scarey ass raccoon
yikes Dead butterflies.
After a while, Jack got bored. time to go
no stings Dead bees in a petri dish next to a microscope. We didn't study these specimens.
After the Southern Living house, we swung by the Botanical Graden. This is a bell of some sort that has something to do with Clemson having been a military college. ding dong
the end of the train I can't remember what this caboose had to do with anything but it is in the garden.
This dad and his little girl were wandering around. dad and kid
poser Jack poses with the sidewalk dedication.
When we got back to the hotel, these food service guys were setting up for a reunion dinner. feed the reunion
night night We left for Florence Sunday morning. Beckie was tired from all the fun
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