30 December, 2000 - A Trip to the Mall
Tripp, Jack and I decided to get out this afternoon. Jack needed sneakers, Tripp needed a Bill Cosby tape and I needed to be somewhere besides the house.

Jack brought his gb and camera, too. He got a new gb color for Christmas. I did not but I got his old gb pocket which is not great but it's better than my old original gb.
Beckie ran into an old friend while we were eating. She wasn't able to introduce us as she had forgotten the old friend's name.
Here's another pic of the old friend whose name remains unremembered.
Tripp and Beckie stopped by the Clinique counter to consult with a skin care expert.
This guy sat at the table next to us during lunch. He ate with a woman who appeared to be his wife. They didn't smile and they talked to each other not at all. All in all, a pretty grim meal.
After the unhappy guy and his wife finished their lunch, this lonely little girl came and sat in his seat. I kept hoping her mom and/or dad would join her and bring food and fun but they never showed up. She was still sitting there when we left.
These are the shoes I bought at the Rack Room Outlet. They look orthopedic but they are very comfortable and they only cost $7.50.
I was very excited to get this photo. This is a strange little guy who I see walking all over town. He just happened to sail into Belk's while Jack and I were waiting for Beckie and Tripp.
Here's Jack at lunch doing some strange finger/eye thing to me.