31 December, 2000 - Leftover Photos
These are some old pictures I never got around to using when I went into no-update-the-site mode. Most of them are from the Flea Market.

These are a few pieces from our monkey collection. We don't have all that many monkies. I am very selective about my monkies.
This is Jack at the Flea Market trying to scam some kid out of his Pokemon cards for less than they are worth. As I remember, the kid was shrewd and ended up keeping his cards.
This is Nintendo Lady. She is a regular vendor at the Flea Market. Her shop is actually inside and has a door that locks almost like a real store. She and her husband have probably gone south for the winter and we won't see them again until spring.
Here is a pegboard on the wall of Nintendo Lady's shop. She has all sorts of strange old video game apparatus.
This is a box of Flea Market silverware. 25 cents per piece. Jack ended up buying a few odd pieces. We had just seen Mystery Men on video and he was thinking about following in the footsteps of the Blue Rajah (master of cutlery).
An old dictaphone in remarkably good shape. It was in a nice leather case and came with the manual. We don't need a dictaphone but if we ever do, I'll wish we bought this one.
An interesting straw mat with some little oriental guys on it. I didn't buy the mat, this picture was good enough for me.