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January 4, 2012 ~ Wednesday
My rules for watching Clemson Tiger Football are pretty inflexible:
No use of electronic devices
No drinking (alcohol)
No talking except for talking about the game
No negative talk about the Tigers
Other rules added at my discretion
Tripp went to his room before the game really got started
Lucky was never really awake but she really faded in the first quarter
Beckie gave up and went to bed at the half
Jack hung in with me until a few minutes left in the third quarter when he left for a friend's house
That was when I started drinking. The good news is that I had a few bottles of really good beer. It was not easy to watch. It was way past my bedtime and the Tigers have never played worse. But I still love the Tigers. And the other good news is that it is extremely unlikely that my loyalty will ever be tested like this again. I am pretty sure that this is as bad as it will ever get. The other good news is that this is absolutely the last Tiger Football Game of this season and pitchers and catchers report next month and the Braves will be playing before you know it. Also, it looks like I'll probably have enough good beer to get me through to the end of the game. GO TIGERS!

January 2, 2012 ~ Monday
Back at the beginning of November I stopped posting again. Not sure why but I need to get caught up so I'll go back and start filling in the blanks. I have been keeping notes as things happened so I should get most of it right but feel free to email or call should I get something wrong or leave out something important. Your patience and support are appreciated.

January 1, 2012 ~ Sunday
Both boys spent New Years Eve out of town with friends. Jack left for Columbia yesterday and Tripp left Friday for Greenwood. Tripp may be home later today but we won't see Jack until tomorrow.
Beckie and I had our usual quiet night at home with Lucky. We all took turns napping and I was up in time to wake up the girls in time for us to see the new year in together. We had delicious traditional New Years Day lunch - ham, black-eyed peas, greens, rice and biscuits (we usually have cornbread). Then we watched pro football. Usually watch college football but New Years Day being on Sunday pushed the bowl games back a day.


December 25, 2011 ~ Sunday
Happy Birthday Jesus!
We woke early and got started right away. Everyone got good stuff! We started, as usual, with the boys playing with their Santa stuff. Lucky's Santa stuff was all edible so she started by gorging herself on candy. We then moved on to the stocking stuff and refreshing champagne coolies. Beckie served delicious breakfast pie with grits and we finished up with the presents under the tree.
We all took showers and got dressed and drove to Columbia to have dinner and visit with Beckie's family. Almost everyone was there and it was good to have them all together. More presents were opened, etc. and we got home sometime after dark.

December 24, 2011 ~ Saturday
We did a little last minute shopping and I cooked a big pot of chili. We went to the Childrens' Service (maybe for the last time). After we got home we watched A Christmas Story while we enjoyed the chili with some cornbread. Then we all went to bed so Santa Claus could visit.
I still enjoy sending the boys off to bed on Christmas Eve. I miss tucking them in and kissing them goodnight and seeing the excitement in their eyes. But I still enjoy the excitement of Christmas morning and the fun of watching them plunder through their Santa loot and empty their stockings and open presents. And having a champagne coolie or two.
Merry Christmas to All!

December 19, 2012 ~ Monday
I win the Survivor cash!

December 17, 2011 ~ Saturday
Beckie and I drove to the beach for a visit with Granny and Pops and to take them out for Pops' birthday dinner. They are well and we all enjoyed our meal at the Fish House.


November 7, 2011 ~ Monday
Per our agreement, Beckie selects some sort of out of town event a few times a year and I accompany her to the selected events. She doesn't do it very often and I am obliged to be pleasant and, at least, pretend to enjoy myself. This time it was another out of town wedding - in Asheville, NC. We left Friday morning and drove to Manifest in Charlotte. I found a nice Beach Boys Pet Sounds box set for cheap. I did not find the barbecue restaurant in Gastonia where I wanted to eat lunch. I had no trouble finding their former location but was unable to find their current location. We stopped at a Bojangles and had a few wings and a biscuit to tide us over.
We checked into the Renaissance downtown and strolled around visiting a few bars until we decided on an Italian place for early dinner. Vincenzo's? Anyway the food was good and we also accidentially located the wedding reception venue. It was called "The Venue". We had big fun at the special Friday Night warm-up party on the top floor of the hotel.
Saturday morning, we had some breakfast and watched some College Gameday. Beckie was very clear in that we would not being wasting all of her Road Trip Saturday watching college football so we spent the time wandering the streets of Asheville. There's a lot to see and do in Asheville. Much of it has to do with art - both fine and performing. There are also more than the usual number of lesbians. And late middle age white men with mid-life crises and ponytails. Anyhow, we had fun watching the street musicians and browsing the art and enjoying various protest groups.
The wedding was brief but it had everything a wedding needed. The reception was big fun and the band was excellent. Beckie and I got on the road sometime around 7:30 Sunday morning. We stopped at a huge flea market but we were ready to be home soon so we didn't spend a lot of time browsing. We got home around lunch time and spent most of the afternoon napping.

November 3, 2011 ~ Thursday
Happy Birthday Clarke!


October 31, 2011 ~ Monday
Happy Birthday Jamie!
We finally took Tripp out for his birthday dinner last Thursday. He chose Miyami, one the local Japanese hibachi grills. We got there early so we had a whole grill/table/chef to ourselves. The chef was good and the food he cooked was also good. We had a big time. Tripp left Friday after work for a weekend at the beach with friends. He got home yesterday afternoon and said that everyone had lots of fun.
Jack was supposed to come home Friday night but a forgotten assignment kept him in Clemson until Saturday. I did not make a flea market run as the weather was not good. Also, my knee has been giving me trouble so I've been trying to rest it as much as possible. This brought our walks to a halt and has been a great disappointment to both the Luckydog and me. I did make a solo stop by Wholesale to maintain our ritual of Saturday morning visits. It did not help the Tigers as they lost to Ga Tech and that is all we will have to say about that.
Beckie had to work Satuday morning and Jack didn't arrive until about 2:30 so I had the morning to myself. I did make a quick Wholesale stop and planned to rest my knee as much possible. However, I got a call from my boss who was inquiring as to my attendance at our company Sprit Day which was being held Saturday. I had already mentioned that I might not be able to attend due to my bum knee but he whined a little and mentioned that they had neglected to bringot dogs and would I pick some up on my way to the party. I did pick up and deliver the hot dogs and hung out for while and had a cheeseburger and one of the hot dogs I picked up. I got a text from Beckie that she was home so I said my good-byes and went home.
Jack arrived and we watched college football for a while and went out to shop for some clothing for Jack. He found a few items he liked and I found a few things I could use. We got home in plenty of time to watch the Tigers play and there will be no more discussion of that. I made a pot of chili earlier in the day and it was delicious so we had that going for us... which was nice.
There was only a single church service yesterday. It was a special Germen style service and it was lengthy so we did not manage to squeeze in a flea market run. We did have lunch at Red Bone (Jack's choice) and swung Rugged Wearhouse to pick up a few more of the sweater Jack got yesterday. He liked it and there were more colors. He hung around until about 2:30 and left for Clemson. So he was with us for about 24 hours. We'll have a longer visit over Thanksgiving.
Tripp got home just after Jack left. He and his friends had a great time. Later in the afternoon, Beckie attended Octoberfest at church. I was napping / resting my knee so I missed it. We did watch the Walking Dead and a lottle of Sunday night before turning in.

October 30, 2011 ~ Sunday
Happy Birthday Alyx!

October 24, 2011 ~ Monday
Tripp was away for the weekend on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian trail so Beckie accompanied me on my flea market run. We found a few items but nothing huge. We had lunch at Wholesale and hurried home to watch the Tigers win again.
I did my early Sunday morning grocery shopping and we went to early church. I tried the flea market again but not much happening. Beckie and I had lunch at Percy & Willies.
Tripp arrived home last night after a lengthy drive home. The folks with whom he was riding were in no hurry and took the scenic route. The actual hiking and camping part of the trip was big fun.

October 20, 2011 ~ Thursday
25 years ago Beckie and I were formally introduced to our first son. We had been somewhat acquainted with him over the several months he was developing and whatnot inside Beckie but it was good to finally meet him in person. It has been a pleasure getting to know him even better and we are just as proud and happy and excited to have him as our son today as were then. Happy Birthday Tripp!

October 19, 2001 ~ Wednesday
Beckie had to work Saturday until after lunch. Tripp and I made a flea market run and met Ashlin, Linsy and John at Wholesale for lunch. We ate and watched College Gameday and the beginning of the Carolina game. We left Wholesale and watched most of the rest of the game at our house. A, L and J left so that Beckie and I could get ready to go to some sort of pre-wedding party. We were one of the host couples so we had to be there an hour early. It was a nice party and the BBQ was good but I had to leave a little early to get home in time for the Clemson game. Linsy came over and watched the Tigers with Tripp and me while Ashlin and John went to his 30 year high school reunion. Beckie got home in time to watch some of the game and John and Ashlin got there in time for exciting finish - Tigers Win!
Sunday morning we were going to go out to breakfast with John and the girls but they were moving a little slow so they decided to skip breakfast and head for home. Since we were already in breakfast mode, we went anyway. We missed them but it was delicious.
Late yesterday afternoon, I had to go out of town on business. It was not a fun trip and I didn't get home until after 10:30.

October 10, 2011 ~ Monday
We had a quiet weekend. Friday evening and most of the day Saturday, Beckie was at her mom's house sorting through stuff with her mom and siblings. They are still not through but made good progress. Tripp and I grilled steaks for dinner Friday. Saturday morning, we made a flea market run and had lunch on the deck at Wholesale. The weather was perfect and we got there first so we got the good table and had them tune in College Gameday. We got home in plenty of time to watch the Tigers trounce BC.
Beckie was feeling unwell so we skipped church yesterday. We haven't skped in quite a while. I did my regular Sunday morning shopping and Tripp and I made another flea market run. We did find a few good stuffs including an excellent coat for Tripp. We were lazy all afternoon.
Lucky and I have been going for a walk each day and twice recently during these walks she was suspected of being a wolf. The first time it happened was when we walked up on a couple of girls (6 or 7 years oldish)...
Little Girl #1: Can I pet your dog?
Me: Go right ahead.
I ask Lucky to sit and she does. Little girl #1 approaches and reaches for Lucky (who is smiling and wagging her tail) when her friend chimes in...
Little Girl #2: I wouldn't, that looks like a wolf.
Little Girl #1 withdraws her hand and looks at me.
Me: She is not a wolf, she is just a dog.
Lucky smiles again. Little Girl #1 reaches slowly for Lucky and scratches her behind her ears. Lucky licks Little Girl #1 from her hand all the way up to her elbow. Little Girl #1 giggles and sticks her tongue out at her friend.
Little Girl #1: See... just a dog.
Little Girl #2: Well you never know.
The next time it happened, we had just left the house and were about half way down our block when we saw a boy playing football catch with himself in his front yard. I waved to him and he asked, "That's a wolf?". I replied, "No, just a dog". He took another skeptical look at Lucky and went back to solo catch.

October 3, 2011 ~ Monday
Happy Anniversary to Us!
Jack got home late Friday afternoon. He requested a cook-out so we grilled T-bones. We watched Citizen Kane while we ate. However, Jack and I both fell asleep sometime around when Boss Jim Gettys exposed Charles and his girlfriend. We will try again next time he's home. Jack, Tripp and I went to the flea market Saturday morning and had lunch at Wholesale. We all watched the Tigers roll over the Hokies. Go Tigers! Jack left after the game to visit with friends.
We all went to early church. Jack and I made a bonus Sunday morning flea market and scored some excellent stuffs. Jack found some particularly choice vinyl. We took Grandmama out to lunch at Redbone. Jack left shortly after lunch. It was great seeing him.


September 29, 2011 ~ Thursday
Happy Birthday Kynn!
The Braves' collapse is complete. No post season for us. Still a lot of baseball to be played and I will do my best to enjoy every minute of it. And hey, Spring Training will be starting before you know it.
The Survivor Pool is back! Everyone is in this time around (you too, Jack). We drew names last night and posted them to the Survivor page. I have not watched much of it as I was involved in watching the Braves' epic meltdown. I may try and get more involved. All monies ($20 each, as usual) must be on the mirror no later than Sunday.
Jack is coming home this weekend. Friday will be 41 days since we said good-bye to him in Clemson. It will be good to see him.

September 25, 2011 ~ Sunday
Tripp was out of town this weekend visiting friends in Columbia. Not sure what they did but Tripp (who got home early this afternoon) said that he had big fun. Beckie and I grilled steaks Friday and watched 12 Angry Men (87). She decided that it is her favorite of the AFI Top 100 so far.
Weather was not good yesterday morning so there was no flea market. Beckie and I went to the big mall instead. She found a groovy Clemson t-shirt and we had lunch at Wholesale. The Tigers played well and won again. 4 in a row. Beckie left at halftime to attend a poorly scheduled cook-out so it was up to Lucky and me to cheer the Tigers to victory.
I did the early Sunday morning grocery shopping and met Beckie for early church. I tried the flea market but there was not much happening. Beckie and I watched Platoon (86) while we ate lunch. The Braves dropped another one. Fingers crossed for a Cardinals loss.

September 22, 2011 ~ Thursday
Beckie and her gang of Bible study hooligans will be out on their semi-annual birthday celebration this evening. They'll eat fancy food and drink good wine and get into all sorts of mischief. I wont't wait up.
We watched Survivor last night. Actually, we flipped back and forth between Survivor and the train wreck that is the late season Braves. I am not crazy about Survivor but it was a welcome relief last night. The Braves are not out of it and I believe with all of my heart that they will remember how to play ball like they did in August. They are running out of games and need to remember very soon.

September 19, 2011 ~ Monday
Yesterday morning I did my regular weekly grocery shopping. We went to early church and I made a solo flea market run (didn't find anything good). We had roast beef and little carrots and potatoes and biscuits for dinner and watched The Sixth Sense (#89) while we ate. Tripp went to Darlington to cut his Grandmamma's grass. Beckie left after the movie to visit with her mother (aka Grandmamma). Lucky and I went for a walk and worked on the plumbing and watched the Braves squander another late innings lead. They have managed to fritter away their once sizable Wild Card lead and currently lead by only 3.5 games.
I am not looking forward to the work week.

September 18, 2011 ~ Sunday
Yesterday morning's weather was cool and damp with drizzle so we skipped the flea market. I made breakfast for everyone: Beckie had a bullseye with little pancakes and fried cheese, Tripp had French toast and Lucky and I had some of each. Beckie did some shopping and got home after the bad part of the Tigers vs. Tigers game was over. Tripp and I had lunch at Wholesale. We got home in plenty of time to see the opening kickoff. Other than the beginning of the game, The Clemson Tigers were very impressive. Offense and defense looked sharp. GO TIGERS!
After the game, Beckie and Tripp invited me to come with them to the Big Sale. Tripp needed some new clothes and Beckie said that this sale was the place to get them. I found an excellent vacuum cleaner which was top rated by Consumer Reports (I checked the ratings on my phone's excellent browser). A great vacuum at a great price plus it is the special P.A.W.S. (Pet Approved Windtunnel System) model with special pet features and attachments. Not sure how it was determined that pet(s) approved of the vacuum. PLUS, if there was any doubt, it has an orange paw print on it. There was no way we couldn't buy it.
We made a swing out to the new Buffalo Wild Wings but there were many people waiting out front so we decided to pass. Mellow Mushroom was nearby and not nearly so crowded. We sat at the bar and watched college football and tried new beers. Our local Books A Million is closing so we stopped by there on the way home. It was fairly crowded and I already have several good books waiting to be read so I passed the time getting my phone set up to watch ESPN. Technology is starting to look an awful lot like magic. I was standing around BAM watching a live broadcast of a college football game. If only I'd had access to this technology last year I wouldn't have had to listen to the Clemson game on a radio during a certain poorly scheduled wedding, I could have watched it. Hooray for technology!

September 17, 2011 ~ Saturday
I left work early yesterday. The workplace has been stressful lately and I needed a break. Lucky and I did some serious clean up on the side porch. Tripp's boat has lived there for quite a while and it is difficult to keep the porch in order since the boat takes up most of what used to be the open area. We recently moved the boat to Granny's house (temporarily) so that we could get the porch sorted out. Still much more work to be done but we made a good start.
We did watch The French Connection (#93) and Goodfellas (#92) this week but we'll have to skip Sophie's Choice (#91) and Swingtime (#90) as they are not in my collection. I checked Netflix and neither is streamable so we can't watch them through Jack's account. Next up is The Sixth Sense (#89). I have 88 of the AFI Top 100 list in my collection so there will be some skipping from time to time.

September 16, 2011 ~ Friday
Happy Birthday Spencer!

September 14, 2011 ~ Wednesday
For the first time in quite a while (a couple of months?), the Otterdog woke me up last night. In the first few weeks after he left us, I would wake up to what I was sure was the Otterdog doing his wiggy yarf snort convulsions which signaled that it was time for me to go to Jack's room and help him (Otter not Jack) up and let him out for his middle of the night stroll around the back yard. Which was followed by encouraging him up the ramp and into the living room where he would lie down next to the couch. I would lie down on the couch and pat him until he dropped back off to sleep. But in those weeks and all the weeks since then, it was not the Otterdog. It was me having a hard time breaking old habits and adjusting to the absence of a good friend. As time passed, the Otterdog woke me up less and less often. The incidents dwindled to once a week or so and eventually to once a month or less. Although the incidents became more and more infrequent, they never became less real. This morning sometime around 2:00, I was on my feet and tripping over Lucky before the Otterdog stopped calling me. I do still miss him but Jack was right, he really did have a pretty good run.

September 11, 2011 ~ Sunday
Beckie chose the new Italian (Roberto's) place for her birthday dinner. We had to wait until Wednesday to celebrate since she had Bible study Tuesday night. Dinner was excellent. We had cannoli for dessert. After we got home, Beckie opened some minor prizes since she bought and presented herself with her own major prizes already.
The quest to complete the AFI Top 100 has stalled. Tripp got the new X-Men movie Friday so we had to watch that. Last night we watched the Braves drop another one. They are playing this afternoon so maybe tonight after the church birthday party we'll be able to watch The French Connection (#93). I pre-ordered the newly remastered and blu-rayed Citizen Kane which comes with a (dvd) copy of the Magnificent Ambersons so I'll receive those Tuesday. Tripp is anxiously awaiting the Tuesday release of Thor so we'll have a couple of new movies to watch this week. And the Braves are on almost every night so it will be tough to make much Top 100 progress this week.
We grilled steaks Thursday night and hot dogs and hamburgers Friday night. Tripp and I made a flea market run yesterday morning and had lunch at Wholesale. We started to try lunch on the deck but some guys were at our favorite deck table (right in front of the TV's) and there was another table full of a family with several small kids. I love kids but not while I'm having lunch and watching College Gameday. So we ate in the bar where there is almost a 0% chance of encountering small children. I like eating in the bar anyway and I don't mind the smoke. Wholesale is one of the few places in town where they still allow smoking.
I made a solo flea market run this morning after early church. Beckie made delicious baked chicken for lunch and we just woke up from our naps. The Braves are on the verge of getting swept by the Cardinals. Actually, Beckie did not enjoy the delicious lunch as she is fasting this weekend. She gets to eat again tonight.

September 6, 2011 ~ Tuesday
Happy Birthday Beckie!
Beckie continues to work her way up the AFI Top 100. We watched The Last Picture Show and Pulp Fiction over the weekend. Tripp and I made a Saturday morning flea market run followed by lunch at Wholesale. It is good to have College Gameday back. Saturday aftetnoon we watched the Tigers get off to a slow start but turn it around in the second half. We finally managed to get ESPN3 access figured out so we could watch the game. We will be watching on ESPN3 again this weekend as the Tigers will face the mighty Wofford Terriers.
Beckie accompanied me on my weekly grocery shopping trip Sunday morning. All of my Harris Teeter friends were glad to see/meet her. It was nice having her along. Tripp picked up The Walking Dead at the flea market and Beckie and I have watched all 6 episodes of the first season. Beckie checked the internet and it looks like Season Two begins next month.
We did cook meat on the grill as is required on Labor Day. Granny and Pops came over and shared our shish kebobs. It was good seeing them.

September 1, 2011 ~ Thursday
Happy Birthday Ashlin!
We did watch Blade Runner Tuesday night and Do the Right Thing last night. DTRT is pretty intense and it was definitely not what Beckie had in mind last night. In any case, The Last Picture Show (95) is next, followed by Pulp Fiction (94), The French Connection (93) and Goodfellas (92). But none of that will happen tonight as Beckie is getting a haircut after work followed by dinner with her friend JoAnn. Beckie's birthday is next week and Jo is celebrating early.


August 29, 2011 ~ Monday
Jack did call over the weekend but our conversation was interrupted by the arrival of some roommates and /or friends. Sounds like everything is going more or less OK. I'll get more details when he calls again.
Saturday Tripp and I were unable to make a flea market run as Hurricane Irene was not fully gone and there was still a little rain and whatnot. We did fiddle around at a few stores and met Beckie at Wholesale for lunch. Not much going on in the afternoon as the weather was still iffy and too warm for outside activities. Beckie decided that we needed a date so we went to Redbone for dinner. It was a regular Saturday night in Florence so every restaurant in town had fairly serious waiting times so we sat at the bar. When faced with a serious wait time, a party of two should consider sitting at the bar. We just walked past the crowd outside on the sidewalk and wandered into the bar and sat down. Won't work as well for three or more since not everyone can hear everyone else. Plus, if the bar gets too crowded, there's a chance that one of the people on the end will get stuck next to the talkative, slightly overserved lonely guy.
We went to early church yesterday. I went to the flea market for a quick look but Tripp couldn't come with as he was committed to cutting his grandmother's grass. He wanted to get it done in the morning as the afternoon weather was to be fairly warm. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch and Tripp got home just in time to eat with us and enjoy our lunch movie - Toy Story. Beckie found her AFI Top 100 movie list while doing some cleaning and decided to give it another try. After a brief discussion, she chose to start at the bottom and work her way up. Number 100 is Ben-Hur which she has already seen and 99 is Toy Story. Number 98 is Yankee Doodle Dandy which I don't have so that means Number 97 is next. I am excited. Number 97 is Blade Runner.

August 27, 2011 ~ Saturday
Hurricane Irene did (mostly) miss us. We got some rain and we'll get some more but nothing too serious. Lucky never fully freaked out so it couldn't have been too bad. She is an excellent severe weather detector.
My TV continues to torture me. A month or so ago (after the warranty expired) it began strobing and flickering intermittently. I fiddled with it and tried various alternate hookups and replaced HDMI cables and other monkey-like diagnostic techniques. I finally caved in and took it to the Video Clinic. These guys have done good work for us in the past but they failed us this time. They kept the TV for about a week and were unable to reproduce the problem in their lab so we picked it up and brought it home. Everything was fine for a week. Maybe just being in the presence of a master TV repair man had healed the TV. No such luck. The TV is back to the same old shenanigans. I did shoot a video of the problem on my computer phone so I can, at least, let them have a look at the problem. Until the problem is resolved, we are using our bedroom TV. I haven't had a chance to take the problematic TV back to the shop so the bedroom TV is in the living room on the TV stand in front of the problematic TV. Sort of like the the old white trash practice of stacking the 13 inch black and white portable on top of the broken 26 inch color cabinet model until they can scrape up the money to call the TV repairman.
I heard from Jack earlier in the week and it sounded like he and his boys were all settled in. No word since classes started. I'm sure that all is well and that I'll hear from him soon. I wonder if he knows that I've started posting here again.

August 25, 2011 ~ Thursday
Happy Birthday Tyler!
Looks like Irene (hurricane) will wander north, far enough east of us so as not to cause any serious problems. Maybe some heavy rain and high winds.Looks like indoor fun this weekend.
Tripp had a pressing engagement elsewhere so he did not join Beckie and me for dinner last night. Too bad for him since Beckie made delicious greek style lamburgers with homemade tzatziki sauce. There were no leftovers.
Only 9 days until the Tigers kick it off. We are soon to enter the sweet spot of the sports year. College football, pro baseball and pro golf - my favorite sports all happening at the same time.

August 24, 2011 ~ Wednesday
The complete history of Celebrity Jeopardy.

August 23, 2011 ~ Tuesday
I was scheduled for jury duty earlier this month. I forgot about it until about 2 hours after I was supposed to have been there. I drove down to Magistrate's Court and was told by the nice lady at the front desk not to worry about it and that they would reschedule me. I was rescheduled for yesterday. This time I showed up early. My number was drawn for two juries. I was excused from one and I got a phone call last night informing me that the other one was settled. So, no jury duty. Yee Haw!
A lot of stuff has happened since May 8 and there is no way I'll remember most of it. However, I'll try and add stuff whenever I think of it just to fill in a few of the holes. Johnny did not come by on the way to his golf buddy weekend. He told me why but I forgot what he told me. We did go to Folly Beach as usual. Jake was unable to make it but everyone else was there for some time. We did our usual stuff - lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, eating and drinking on Center Street, playing golf (Jack joined us for a round at the Muni) and just relaxing. Jack and I did make our usual trip to downtown Charleston. We strolled up and down King Street and got Jack a few shirts at J Crew and assorted other items at assorted other stores. We had lunch at the Italian restaurant and missed walking all the way up to 52.5.
It was nice having Jack around for the Summer. He and I usually had lunch together at home while we watched movies. Tripp got a new job a while back at the Bad Check office. He seems to be enjoying it and is saving money for when he is able to get a place of hie own. It is nice having him around the house. Beckie is excited about the record high enrollment for her Womens' Bible Study. Lucky's fur is finally growing back after Beckie had her buzzed back on April 22.
This time I am really going to keep updating more consistently. Most of this stuff is really boring to everyone but me but I like being able to look back and see what happened when.

August 22, 2011 ~ Monday
I took last Thursday and Friday off so I could help Jack move into his off-campus apartment. He had a lot of stuff so it took both mommy vans - his and Beckie's. We packed everything on Thursday and drove up on Friday. The trip was uneventful. Jack and I talked about this and that and Jack drove all the way there. I rode with him and Beckie left a little later than us. We arrived at the apartment complex sometime around 10:00. It is a large complex but the check-in process was fairly easy and the lines were short. Jack was under the impression that his apartment was on the first floor. We were disappointed to find that it was on the second floor. It didn't take too long to get everything in his room and get it arranged. He decided to take care of the unpacking himself. We stopped by Dollar General and picked up a few forgotten essential items and went to lunch. We stopped back by Jack's apartment and found that more furniture had arrived while we were out. One of his roommates was lounging on the couch, browsing the internet and watching Sportscenter. We said good-bye to Jack, gave him a hug and I drove all the long way home. Still hasn't gotten any easier but I'm getting better at it.

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