gameboy camera links

My Favorite Gameboy Camera Links

adventures in greyscale - a life documented through gb camera photos
flickr gameboy camera page
gameboy camera guide
talandia - an online journal and loads of gbcamera photos
the ronald review - an out of print, limited production publication reviews the gameboy camera.
Lo-Fi Livin' - our Canadian girlfriend
hilux - click on "Trusty" for a gameboy camera gallery but be sure and plunder around the site and see it all. Entertaining AND Educational!!!
myparlor - stills and animations
monomusik - warning: the second movie, Pixeltrauben, does contain sexual content. The monster movie does not and it's better anyway.
gb camera color photos
the cold pages - not just snapshots, experimental stuff
Dragan's Gameboy Gallery - very excellent gb camera animations
gameboy camera guide

Gallery Pages

Cliff's FotoPage
Chris McCormick's GBCamera shots!
devo's gallery
bud melvin
the clarke's little gallery page - my nephew
the clarke's other little gallery page - the same nephew
sorrytown (formerly metro bakery)
johnny2k's lil' gallery
Roxen User Conference 2000 & a few others
nullsleep - good stuff
Sample Camera Pictures - a few photos
Prag T/W12a 2001!! - small gallery
Saturday Night with the Gameboy Camera - another small gallery
Tom's Tiki Den - a few photos and lots of links
josh sisk - lots of photos
dangerboy art
update~! - lots of photos... from korea maybe
gb camera diary
nick lowe - personal - a couple of galleries
thunderkor - nice gallery
ed stastny - even an artistic nude female study
don's game boy camera pix - never ending game boy pix
killoggs - some photos,a blog and stuff
johan kotlinski - lots of family and friends
groc - galleries
GBKAP - Gameboy Kite Aerial Photography
6955 - small gallery and some dj stuff
a small gallery
gameboy or nothing
The Ricepot's Gameboy Camera Gallery
World of Black & White
Rodrigo's GBC Photos
SNAP! (the gameboy camera picture gallery)
Gamegirl Gallery
Timokl's Photos
James Michie Photographs


Old Gameboy Camera Movies - an animation
15 things you hope never happen to you in a urinal - just watch it
animated lisa
dot psd - various animations (hit reload)
The First Gameboy Camera Music Video

FAQ Pages

wikipedia gameboy camera page
Idiot's Guide to Funtography
multiple assorted faqs
gameboy camera manual

Tech Pages

GameBoy Camera Video Output Tutorial
Game Boy Camera Parallel Port Interface
Using the Gameboy Camera for Robot Vision
Inside Game Boy Camera
GB Camera Tech Info V1.2 by Jeff F.
GameBoy Camera DJ Data Save RAM format v1.1
Memory Reset Switch

Product Review Pages

camera of the month - the gameboy camera reviewed
StocDred - Gameboy Camera Review
Euro-Asia GameBoy - Mad Catz Cable Review
Tech TV - Gameboy Camera & Printer Review

Miscellaneous Pages

gamesradar stuff
Download Gameboy Camera Soundtracks
pix & videos - Gameboy music & camera/ 8-bit futurist/ atari /micro-chiptunes/electro-funk/space-punk
Gameboy Camera DJ Mess About / Part 1 / Part 2
Guitar Tabs " Credits Gameboy Camera " by Nintendo
gameboy camera (DJ Edit) gameboy camera users group
gameboy webcam - what an excellent waste of technology
The Johnny Rogers GameBoy Camera Epic
GBC Commentary and a Few Photos The Gameboy Camera Gallery and Tutorial
lunacy8m - Gameboy Camera Webcam, etc.
Interview with lunacy8m
Cool Star Wars Movie
Info about the rare gold Link gbc
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