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How does the gameboy camera work? How did you get the pictures on your computer? Check the links for info. Here's the stuff we use.

the ?
the gameboy

Gotta have a gameboy. The camera will work with any model. The pc to gameboy cable requires a color gameboy, pocket gameboy or a gameboy light. That's right - a gameboy light. This is a most excellent gameboy for photos. Often the screen is not visible when shooting in low light. The gameboy light makes the screen highly visible under any lighting conditions.

The camera. We got ours at k-mart and wal-mart for under $10. We found a used one at electronics boutique for $4.99 - it works great.

the camera
the cable

The cable and transfer software. We ordered it from amazon.com. Cost, including shipping, was under $20. Originally manufactured by Mad Catz. See the March 8, 2002 journal entry for more details.

The printer. We got ours at toys r us for under $20. You don't need the printer to do web pages but it didn't seem right to get the camera and not the printer.

the printer
the psp

We use Paint Shop Pro (version 5.01) for all the graphics stuff.

The html web stuff was done with Homesite (ver 3.01).

the homesite

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